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#Cutsforbieber- Opinions?( Warning Sensative material)

  1. #Cutsforbieber- Opinions?( Warning Sensative material)

    Heya guys,

    I don't think there is a thread on this topic yet but I was just wondering what your opinions are on this matter?
    For those of you who may not have heard here is a link outlining the basics of what this trending topic on twitter is about-
    #CuttingForBieber: Charity slams 'irresponsible' self-harm joke taken seriously by Justin Bieber fans - News - Music - The Independent
    Now personally I do not like the teenage pop star but this tome is highly disgusting, not from the person who made the comment on 4chan which started this but the "bieblers" who have taken part and cut themselves just becuase JB used a drug, and not even a bad drug, weed( Now I know weed is a drug and can cause many problems but as far as drugs go, it is pretty tame). I find it embarrassing to be in this generation that young teen girls are doing this to them selves because of something so trivial and frankly in my opinion pathetic. There are people out there who inflict self-harm on themsleves because of major problems and it is these teens who are trivialising this very delicate and already socially frowned upon. And now society will take the unfourtunate people with real problems less seriously.

    What doesn't help things is that, at the time of this post JB hasn't even asked for these people to stop comminting these stupid atrocities. The pictures upload by these girls are captioned with words such as this below-
    #Cutsforbieber- Opinions?( Warning Sensative material)-untitled.png

    So guys, what do you people think about this?

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  3. Hopefully Bieber will discover crack cocaine and heroin soon. We might then get a worldwide mass suicide of Bieber fans.
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  4. To be fair, pot is super serious.

  5. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Attention whores. Their perfect little Beib's did something not to their liking and they do something that's not just incredibly stupid and beyond reason but just.....pathetic. Also dangerous-it's no doubt going to encourage someone unstable to go that final step

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  7. I didn't say it wasn't serious, because it is.I just compared weed to drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine which can cause addiction, paranoia, organ failure, mental issues and even death. Weed only causes paranoia and scizophrenia.

  8. tubby's Avatar tubby
    Newcastle United, Rosenborg BK Star Player
    Funniest thing internet has done for a while

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