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Random Things

  1. Random Things

    Thought I'd create a place for all the random links/images etc.. that aren't worthy of their own thread but good enough for a second of your time.

    So yeah anyway I'll start it off with some nice ebay listings i stumbled upon a few days ago. Link - Who would of though taxidermy could be so lolz. Check out some of his other auctions too, the drummer is cool.

  2. That has to be considered Animal cruelty in some way, surely :|

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    How? Its just taxidermy although even for taxidermy its tasteless.

    Lee was gunna get you the drummer for xmas btw Sean

  4. Making a nice bit of money on it isn't he, Good for him.

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    This message board ahs over 2k posts and has one member, signups are obv disabled.

    The post above is a particular highlight.

  6. :| so sad

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  8. Thugs

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    Move over fleshlight

    The RealTouch plugs into your computer's USB port, where it syncs with videos from various adult movie stars. A dual track of variegated rubber runs inside the unit, with a water-based lubricant reservoir making sure that none of your sacred parts catch on fire.

  10. Didn't know where to ask this so just put it in here:

    Anyone know who the hell this is??? It's been annoyin me all fkin day since I saw the picture on a random site which I can't remember the name of :\. I'm certain I've seen her in a film or something but can't for the life of me think where :|
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