Hi !

  1. Hi !

    My name is Marius, I am from Norway, 20 years old. I work as an Electrician and also as a full time football manager at Chelsea. I have played FootballManager since FM05 version, before that I used to play Championship Manager. So far i am impressed by FM13, but I miss the training system that was in FM12. But, I have a feeling that it will grow on me.

    Currently i'm playing football in a local team, in the 5 divison in norway - in other words i'm not the new Messi. I play as a right back, but sometimes my manager finds it fitting to play me as a winger. God knows why.

    Well, that's enough about me ! Hope to have some good discussions with fellow FM fans both about tactics and players who are worth to take a look at. And yeah, I am btw a Chelsea supporter. Thought you should know. Up the Blues and take care.

  2. Hi mate and welcome to the best forum eveeeeeeeeeeeer my name is craig and support united

  3. Cheers ! Got any staff recommendation for me mate ? primarily defence and tactics ?

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