i am in my first season with blackpool (fm noob) i am in 3rd place (i'm predicted just above mid-table) and every time i come across a team similar or just better (except leeds) i get smashed. it doesn't matter what tactic, 5 at the back doesn't work, home or away doesn't matter, i have copied raikans possession tactic, and i just played against blackburn (7th in the league) and lost 3-0 at home, with 38% possession. nothing i do works, i fell powerless it makes me rage bad. i concede awful goals, in the last match against blackburn i conceded a goal that hit the post, hit my keeper and went in, one from a gamst-pedersen long throw and a rebound. it pisses me off so much. only tactic i've had success with is 4-4-2, but still not against any good teams. i realize this isn't the right place to post a tread that isn't an introduction one, but i'm mad atm so i cbf to find one. any help would help.