Well, hello!

Despite being not much of a football fan myself, a few weeks back I recalled playing Bundesliga Manager Hattrick as a kid almost 2 decades ago... Trying to find a more recent version of that game/series I came across the FM12 Demo a few weeks back...

There I took on Hibernian and led them to the top of the league, but my journey was interrupted when the Demo was finished, and I couldn't really find a workable full version for OS X in order to continue.
So I waited for a bit until I could move on, respectively re-start with the beta version of FM13.
After playing around for a bit, getting to know it, trying Classic Mode among other things (didn't really like it - prefer the possibilities offered in the normal mode).
Eventually I settled on leading Hartlepools from their mid-table (I think it was the previous year) position in League 1 to the top of the world.

What can I say, we're well on track:
2012/2013 Runners-up League 1 & St. Jonestown Trophy Win
2013/2014 6th Place + Playoff Win/Promotion
2014/2015 on schedule to achieve a mid-table position

Considering the fact that I have next to no sponsoring (around 150k/year maybe) and, if memory serves, about 8 million quid to spend on transfer fees - which I had to cut down quite a bit for salaries - I think my lads are doing rather well for themselves.
And it's funny to play against teams where their top 2 or 3 players earn more than my entire squad (I think I'm around 107k a week or so) - and I still stand a good chance - 2:2 down at the White Hart Lane
in Tommy Johnson's words: Tottenham Away. Love it!

Oh, yeah, I think it's great that my Board always agreed to extending facilities (youth & training) and then scraps it for funding to extend my Victoria Road repeatedly - just shy of 6400 season tickets simply isn't sufficient for world domination.

One last thing, in the first quarter of my 2013/2014 season my sob keeper (no, I am not going to point my fingers on him... you can do the math yourself) decided he wants to move on to a bigger team. I just couldn't make him stay.
The irony is he signed for the forsaken Rangers who (in my world) linger about the Scottish 1st division.

Ah, well, we'll see how it goes from here.

It's been fun so far!

Yours Truly,
Brian Howard Clough II.