Hello everybody,
Im Evan from Limerick in Ireland.

This is my first time signing up on a FM forum despite playing the game for the past 4 years. Im a big Man Utd fan and enjoy going to watch them twice a year. I like doing my saves in the view of a former player or current manager rather than myself.

Just bought FM13 and finding it as a bit of a challenge compared to the past few years which in my opinion were way too easy. I dont like winning title after title and enjoy a good old scrap at the end of a season. I also avoid starting at big teams like United, Barca, Juventus or anyone in the CL and build my rep up and take realistic jobs.

Iv viewed this forum for some time and quite enjoy the stories section and also the graphics section. Starting a new save tonight based on David Beckham leaving America in December and may decide to turn it into a story.

Dont know what else to say really here,