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Greetings Folks

  1. Greetings Folks

    Greetings Folks

    Thought it was about time i signed up to the community after stealing tactics and tips for the past few years, thank you for that.

    How ever FM13 poised a bit of a challenge for me in the early stages, i tried and tested different tactics/team guides but what ever i tried failed. So i decided to go it alone and do the hard work myself.

    I usually start as a lower league club, usually Portsmouth as i am a fan, but with our financial situation it wasn't for me! So i randomly selected a EPL team and luckily the dice landed on Newcastle (Seem to be very over powering).

    Anyway iv'e bored you all enough, i shall be posting my season later on, as iv'e nearly completed my first season.

    Thanks for listening

  2. welcome to the best FM site around mate have a good one

  3. Cheers mate, used a lot of your tactics and tips before and all worked wonders! lets see if mine can be as good!
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  4. Newcastle, a year in charge

    Please find my story posted here, thanks

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