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hey fm base :) how long have u bin playing football manger/ championship manager
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  1. hey fm base :) how long have u bin playing football manger/ championship manager

    how are u all ive bin playin championship manager since football manager italia on the amiga i was hooked back then and have bin ever since and played every championship manager / football manger since then , how long have you guys bin playing

  2. Ever since the first champ man came out, hardcore Welcome to the forum by the way

  3. Since champ man 2001-02, welcome mate

  4. Football manager and numerous other footy management games on the Spectrum in the 80s

    Championship manager and Premier manager on the Amiga 90s

    Championship manager (under SI) and football manager on the PC after that.
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  5. Football manager 2012 was my first FM.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dunc View Post
    Football manager 2012 was my first FM.
    Fucking noob, you disgust me.
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  7. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Football Manager on the Commodore 64 was my first. Safe to say my homework was rarely completed. Which showed on my exam results lol
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  8. I played Football Manager 2007, but never really got into it.

    Football Manager 2008 was my first serious time investment from the series, and my play time has decreased year by year since then.

  9. Now you're asking, 87 I started.

    Started with the Spectrum like JP, classic titles such as Euro Boss, Footballer Of The Year, FA Cup and Football Manager (Kevin Toms is a legend)

    Then the Amiga from CM 93, 94, EOS, 95, Italia, etc etc, there was nothing like sending your cheque off and awaiting the knock on the door before sitting for 25-30 minutes waiting for your new game to load.

    Is it just me, or were we just much more patient in those days?

  10. Kevin Keegans player manager Snes 93 It was a terrible game really, but I used to spend hours playing it. I never had an Amiga but I remember my mate brother let us play on his Amiga which was a treat as he never let anyone on it. He had a game called Premier manager I played on it for an hour or so I was just hooked! I did not want to get an Amiga just for that game plus I did not have the money. I had a Snes and a Megadrive the next good manager game that came out was Premier Manager on the Megadrive some 5 or six years after the Amiga version!! I loved Premier Manger on the Megdrive it was really easy.

    I miss the old corny graphics of the old manager games. The modern manager games can feel like you are just clicking on some spreadsheet.

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