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  1. Own kits


    First of all, sorry for eventually bad english.
    I have made myself kits which I want to use in-game.
    I've been searching, looking and asking everywhere, but I can't find the right answer on how to save it, and then get it in-game?
    The same with logos. Where should I save them, and how to put them in-game?

    If you get the explanation most detailed as possible, I would really price that!

  2. The best idea is to download a kit pack and see how they have done it

    Kits and logos are saved as .png
    and saved as the teams id
    put the images into a folder and create a config for them by either editing an existing config to suit your ids, or using fmxml to do it for you
    Then the folder goes in my docs / si / fm12

    There are lots of guides out there, keep searching

  3. I've already downloaded a kit pack for PL, where I put in my team. And there is a config file.
    I open that file, and I'm putting in all team kits at new, and it's also standing a 0 number (is that for the ID?) and making a new config file for the kits.

    When I start FM, the normal kit pack for PL is there, all other leagues I have putted in, works fine.
    I've only made one kit for my own team, and thats the home kit. I've also saved it only in normal size. I'm also not really sure if I have putted the ID for my own team there. (does I have to put in the other teams ID at new?)
    Could something of that be one of the problems?

  4. Anyone?

    Can I only have 1 config file in use pr. kit pack, and does somebody know what I've done wrong?
    If, can you make me a config file?

  5. ???

    Can anyone answer the questions? I really want to play with my own team, fastest as possible.

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