England kits don't show

  1. England kits don't show

    I can't get my England kits to show in FM2012. I have added screen shots to see if anyone can help

    England kits don't show-kits-fm12.jpgEngland kits don't show-saved-kits.jpgEngland kits don't show-config-file.jpg

  2. they don't show in mine either. well not for england anyway but for GB team they do it is weird

  3. Found a resolve on the forums. Download FMTRE if you don't alredy have it. Once downloaded open and load up your England game. Goto "kits" the highlight all the lines one by one for the shirts. Just before the colours at the bottom you will see the word "shirt" on a drop down. Change each one to either "shorts" or "socks" and save. Reload your skin from the preference menu. Should now show. Big thanks to the submitter.

  4. same with mine! i have them downloaded but they show up on Team GB instead wierd isnt it!!

  5. they don't show in mine either.

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