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Kit Pack Required

  1. Kit Pack Required

    Hey All at FM Base,

    I am looking for a custom designed kit pack, is there anybody who can produce one for me?

    really appreciate the help

  2. How many kits are we talking about?

  3. Three Kits for one team

  4. thats not so much a kit pack. What you after?

  5. Team: Rotherham United
    Manufacturer: Puma

    Template: SS or FB (i don't know the difference)
    Home design: Red shirt with white hoops (like QPR)
    Away design: Brown shirt with thin gold stripes
    Third design: White shirt, red trim and the rotherham logo in the middle of the chest
    Additional badges: no thanks
    Config required: no (not sure what this means)

  6. Kit Pack Required-rotherham.png
    any good?
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  8. i'll do the others tomorrow someone came over and changed my schedule

  9. Thanks dude appreciate it, how do i save them? do i do it as a jpeg? do i need to delete any original kits?

    Could i change the sponser to coca-cola?

  10. Kit Pack Required-rotherham3.pngKit Pack Required-rotherhamaway.png
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  11. Kit Pack Required-rotherham1.png
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  12. sorry about the multiple posts my pc was playing up.
    Keep them as png files, here is the config file for the kits as well.
    happy gaming
    Attached Files
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  13. Awesome dude, really good

  14. thanks if you like my work like it
    Hopefully it will help you win the leage now.....

  15. I have liked the kits you have posted, nice job

  16. cheers, and as i say good luck with the campaign fella

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