This video shows you how to create a config.xml for kits in 4 easy steps. As easy as pie.
All you need are kits and the tool FM Graphics Configurator.

1. Find out your club id within FM (or by using the FM editor or a tool like FMRTE) and write it down.

2. Rename your kits after the following pattern:
ID_home.png (home kit)
ID_away.png (away kit)
ID_third.png (third kit)

3. Open FM Graphics Configurator and browse to the path with the kits. Create a config.xml with the following settings: Kits - Clubs

4. Back to FM. Reload your skin and untick the Skin Cache button.


Required tools:
FM Graphics Configurator: Downloadlink
Other xml generators like FM Serbia or GraphicsGuru can do the job too. But FM Graphics Configurator seems to be very handy.

Additional question: How to create kits?
Please check out the forums or try using tools like the SmartShirtDesigner made by SmartCanuck1988: Downloadlink