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    Hey guys.

    I have created my own team using the editor, and I have made a team logo & kits, but I am having a real trouble getting the config working. I have used the correct ID number, put it all in the right place, and reloaded the skin, but nothing. Anyone got any idea?

    I can post the images if anyone is willing to do it for me.


  2. I can have a look for you mate. If you want to post a zip/rar file with your logos & kits and the config file you have made. I will have a look to see what might be the problem.

  3. Here they are mate.


    Hangleton logos.rar

  4. I see no problem with the config file or the images. Very strange! I would double check the Unique ID for your new team. Check it in the editor. Also check that you have correctly assigned the kits in the editor.

    Other than that i cant think of any reason it doesnt work as you seem to have done everything that is needed for it to work...

  5. The unique ID is deffo correct. Not sure what the random ID is about in the editor?

    What do you mean by assign the kits in the editor?

  6. When you create a new team in editor - go to the kits section and thats where you choose the colours of the kits the team will wear - you will need a shirt, shorts, socks for each home/away kit. You also choose the text and background colours here too.

  7. Yeah, I did all that. I didnt do all of it for the goalkeeper, so I changed that, but still nothing :\

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