Staines FC - Ali G - Kit Request

  1. Staines FC - Ali G - Kit Request

    Hi all,
    I have started this new thread as there aren't many kit request forums any more... I run my own here but I just like the surprise of other people ideas when it comes to creating kits, all styles welcome, but I will say I do prefer SS and I like these newer styles with the shirt, shorts and socks etc...

    I was hoping that some FM-Base followers could create me some new kits, as the title says...

    My managers profile is Alistair Leslie Graham aka. Ali G - I have reached the year 2028/29, and in celebration of this being my longest ever save that hasn't crashed on me and the fact I have just won the EPL for the like the forth time and I just can't seem to win the CL which was my original challenge so I am looking for some shirts to inspire, lol...

    Team: Staines Football Club
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: Same as on the links please (but just the lettering (without the square around it)

    Please try for a rasta style --- that would be awesome as my manager is Ali G (haha)

    Home Kit Details: I would like a completely new kit be creative, use the colours from this version of the kit previously made by hermanchides on fm-base... link

    Away Kit Details: again a completely new design but these colours ... link

    Third Kit Details: a white and blue shirt that's just a radical design (some that would inspire the team to win the CL - can this one have the Champions League badges on it please (be creative)

    Other Information: Can I have the EPL Champions shoulders badges on it please with the year 2028 or seasonal year if that's what it actually on it.. please

    Thanks in advance guys and girls... looking forward to the results and hoping that someone will take this on for me
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