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3D kits help please!

  1. 3D kits help please!

    Hi guys,

    I just made Cyprus league kits for all 1st division teams (2012-2013) and I cannot make them appear in-game?!
    I edited the xconfig file added the id for each team but nothing!! I also donwloaded new kits from this site and they don't appear as well! I reaload skin etc like always cashe isn't selected and nothing! Do I miss something? I really need your help to finish my Cyprus League Patch!(I will share with all of you) !

  2. do you have a graphics folder and a kits folder inside the graphics folder ?

  3. yes and they don't appear in-game! I cannot understand why...

  4. you made 3d kits right? 2d kits, obviously don't show up in match engine

  5. I found out what the problem was!! In xconfig I used CAPITAL letters for the names of my files and for some reason the game didn't like that!? I renamed everything in small letters and now they work like a charm!? A really weird problem!?
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  6. Can you convert 2d kits into 3d kits, because i dont want to start all over again?

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