kit error!

  1. kit error!

    Hi guys,
    ive designed my own kit and tried sticking it in the game and it won't load...
    Ive download all the other patches skins kits logos all fine and adboards but my kits i designed wont insert into the game.....
    config.xmlkit error!-2062002128_away.pngkit error!-2062002128_home.png

    ive attached the config as well. Ive tried everything. I can get my badge to work but not the kits...
    ive attached the badge and the screen dump to show you. Ive shrunk the screen dump so its not so hugekit error!-badge.pngkit error!-example.jpg

  2. did u go into preferences and skin and untick cache and select reload skin and confirm

  3. yes sure did, that didnt solve it either

  4. any suggestions?

  5. sorted it now! i cleared all temp files, emptied cache, played with miles balls and it now works

  6. You doing any requests this year matey?

    you done a good job for me last FM

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