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  1. 3D kits

    Hello guys, I've ventured into trying the 3D match kits as I decided to try a different colour with a lower league team going from light blue to red similar to what Cardiff have done. I've managed 2 tweak the 2D kit so it's red but the 3D 1 just doesn't show up in the match.

    The kit itself looks like this 3D kits-eastleigh.png

    and this is the config file 3D kits-eastleigh-config-file.png

    I had written out the config file using fmxml then copy and pasted a kit line from another 3D kit config file replacing the kit line made by the fmxml and changing the file name and ID number but it doesn't seem to show up in the matches, anyone got any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  2. Ok scrap this thread, some reason it's just randomly kicked in 1st game of my 2nd season! Don't understand why but it's sorted either way. Mods can u close thread please guys

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