Fantasy Kit Requests

  1. Fantasy Kit Requests

    Hi guys,

    I have just got into fantasy kit creating - and hope to hone my skills whilst helping you lot as well! I'm up for pretty much anything, but it would help if you could give me a badge (if it's not a real one you want!) as I haven't worked out how to do that yet.

    If you want a kit made please just fill this in and I'll do it as quickly as I can. If you want more than one (ie home and away) just do more than one form)

    Team and general style:
    Base Colour:
    Extras (Badge, company, sponsor etc):
    Any other comments:

    Hope I can help some people,


  2. Here's some of my works so far

    Name:  arsenal kit.png
Views: 635
Size:  36.7 KBName:  cov kit.png
Views: 518
Size:  41.5 KBName:  fulham kit.png
Views: 573
Size:  29.8 KBName:  grove kit.png
Views: 513
Size:  46.2 KBName:  hull.png
Views: 578
Size:  46.7 KBName:  liverpool.png
Views: 521
Size:  40.6 KBName:  man city kit.png
Views: 573
Size:  42.7 KBName:  man u.png
Views: 499
Size:  41.0 KBName:  swansea.png
Views: 647
Size:  32.8 KB

  3. hey dude you still doing these?

  4. hi please make it
    team : Perspolis
    logo :
    Kit Style: SS
    Manufacturer : warrior
    Sponsor : chevrolet
    Home : red with white line
    please pm for me

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