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Badge & Kit for a Custom Team?

  1. Badge & Kit for a Custom Team?

    Hi ,

    I've created a new club in the editor called Solent City FC. I was wondering if anyone was able to create a badge and/or a kit for me?

    I'd like the badge to incorporate a yacht and some waves possibly?

    The home kit I was thinking sky blue shirts with the Adidas wing template with a white trim and the away kit the same but yellow with purple trim. If it's not too much trouble to add Sunseeker logo as a sponsor?

    I would be extremely grateful for any help. Thanks

  2. If you post some pictures you'd like in the badge I'll try to make it for you ...
    Which shape do you prefer ? Circular ? Shielded ? Elipse ?

    About the kit you could download Smart shirt designer 2 and try to make it by yourself !

  3. Waitin' for you suggestions I've tried to create a simple one, just to have an idea of what are you lookin' for:
    Name:  SolentCityFC.png
Views: 651
Size:  46.2 KB

    Please tell me what do you like, what do you want to change and so on ... so we'll try to built it together.

  4. I've tried also to make the kits ...
    Badge & Kit for a Custom Team?-solentcity-home.png Badge & Kit for a Custom Team?-solentcity-away.png

  5. Thanks they're amazing!

    With the badge can you change the motor yacht to a sailing yacht with a sail?

    other than that its perfect.

    Nice work thanks!

  6. Here's the new badge
    Name:  SolentCityFC.png
Views: 627
Size:  43.7 KB

    Of course, due to the sails, I've changed the layout ... hope you like it !!!

    I imagine that you well know what my nick stands for ...
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  7. Any feedback ?
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  8. These are awesome BM. Can I be cheeky and Ask you to do me one. I have Oldham Boro FC. Badge needs to have an owl. That is all. Kit.
    Home - Orange with Dark Blue parts.
    Away - Pink with baby blue parts.
    Sponsored by Sports Direct.

    PS will look at the kit creator you mentioned
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  9. Oldham Boro FC already exists ...
    This is the official badge:
    Badge & Kit for a Custom Team?-oldham-boro-badge.png

  10. Yeah but they are not on Football Manager....

  11. Allright, but do you want to use the original badge I've posted or want to rearrange that one (different font, shape, etc.) ?

  12. Surprise me, what software etc are you using to create them? You was spot on about the kit creator? I want another done as well.

  13. To create the badge and the kits I just use photoshop and my creativity ...

    I suggest SmartShirtDesigner2 to the users that want to spent a little bit of their time and enjoy to create themselves fantasy kits !

  14. I am trying to import the badge for Widnes FC, I have it set at the correct dimensions of 180x180 and 20x20 but when I go into the game it doesn't show up. Could anyone help me please

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Ste117 View Post
    I am trying to import the badge for Widnes FC, I have it set at the correct dimensions of 180x180 and 20x20 but when I go into the game it doesn't show up. Could anyone help me please
    Hi Ste117,

    Did you see my reply to you about your Widnes logo from a while ago over on this thread? It provides the logo at the actual sizes you needs (25x18 for the icon; not 20x20) and there are some screenshots that explain how to do the config. Click the link below:

    Logo Requests Thread

  16. @TheMoominBrand:
    I've rearranged the original badge, using the original styled owl
    Name:  OldhamBoroFC.png
Views: 224
Size:  44.8 KB
    If you like it, or give me any other feedback, I'll finish it givin' a more 3D appearance and then I proceed creatin' the kits.

  17. Waitin' for feedbacks about the badge I've tried to create the kits for Oldham Boro F.C.
    Badge & Kit for a Custom Team?-kit-home.jpg Badge & Kit for a Custom Team?-kit-away.jpg

    Let me know if you like it, if the colours are right and so on ...

  18. Hey guys.

    Instead of starting a new thread, I thought I'd revive this one as it is kind of related.

    I am having horrible problems with my fantasy kits. I have made a new club, Merseyside F.C. I made a logo and three kits for them. The logo has gone into the game with no problems. However, the kits are driving me insane. I've tried everything to get the kits into the game but to no avail.

    I have a Premier League set in the game already, so I added three lines of code to that pack's config file. I copied and pasted three lines from another team, and swapped the file names for my kits, and the ID numbers for my clubs ID (I have IDs turned on in the game and took the ID from that). This has not worked. Incidentally, when I added the new lines to the code, it seems to have voided the whole thing and none of the teams had kits anymore.

    So, I decided to copy the Premier League pack's entire config file, then delete the code for the kits and replace it with the code for my kits. This has also not worked.

    I haven't got a clue why it's not working, and it is testing my patience. Has anyone got any ideas as to what I can do to get my kits into the game for my new club?

  19. hi guys.

    i'd like someone to please make me a custom kit and badge

    the team is called FC Market Drayton

    the club colours are green/yellow

    sponsored by phones4u (i know they're bust)

    also somewhere on the page a gingerbread man?

    founded 2014

    many thanks!!

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