Help with 3D kits

  1. Help with 3D kits

    I am making 3d kits for the southern premier league, but there are not showing up.
    i can't see anything wrong with the config, is it something wrong with actual images or where I'm putting them?
    can you even change the 3D kits for additional leagues? i want to get this working so that anybody else interested
    can use them, and will move onto the other two leagues at that level when done for anyone interested.


  2. Check the IDs in the game, if you are using created teams. Sometimes they change when you create a new save.

  3. Configs are also case sensitive, so if you have "afc totton" in the config but "AFC Totton" in the image file name, it won't recognise it. Best to replace spaces with underscores, too.

    Have you tried taking a separate 3D kits config file for a division that you know works properly, copying and editing with your Southern League IDs and file names? That would override any glitch that might be in your existing Southern League config file.

    Are these the 3D style kits that sit on each team's home page, or the actual in-match kits? If the latter, are you considering setting up a 3D in-match kit request thread in the Kits section of this website, by any chance? I have 2D versions of the Southampton kits worn by Kevin Keegan and Mick Channon that I have never been able to get the in-match versions for, but would like to. The game's own editor is too limited to get the white detail under the armpit on the home kit. Go on, you know you want to...

    On your Southern League project, do you already have the 2D kits to work from? I have kits for every team down to level 9, I think, and some beyond that, for both Northern and Southern sections - although some of those kits will be old as of summer 2013 and more so this summer, of course.

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