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    Hey there i was just wondering if anyone could make the Leeds United Retro Kits for me with TOP MAN as sponsor current kit template is fine eg, badge, kit make. planning on doing a leeds story

  2. The TOPMAN logo is rectangular these days, so on these versions I have sliced and stacked it in the way it was on the classic title winning shirt of the 1991/92 season - but in the current font, which is slightly less characteristic than it used to be.

    I don't have the current kit template among my files (though I have the kit itself) or the older one, but I have a few Umbro templates that lend themselves to the Leeds colour ways.

    HELP PLEASE-leeds_h.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_a.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_3.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_4.png

    I also have these two retro kits, apparently from 1982 (?):

    HELP PLEASE-leeds_h_1982.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_a_1982.png

    And these with the FourFourTwo logo (circa 1996-ish?):

    HELP PLEASE-leeds_1.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_2.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_3.png

    And I believe these are the current versions, at least until they release a new one for the new season:

    HELP PLEASE-leeds_5.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_6.png HELP PLEASE-leeds_7.png

    None of these are exactly what you requested, so feel free to reject them.
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  4. Found some more from Leeds United's Admiral era:

    HELP PLEASE-admiral-18.png HELP PLEASE-admiral-19.png

    HELP PLEASE-admiral-20.png HELP PLEASE-admiral-21.png HELP PLEASE-admiral-22.png

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