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Benfica Kits for DC Represents

  1. Benfica Kits for DC Represents

    Benfica Kits for DC Represents-benfica_1.png Benfica Kits for DC Represents-benfica_2.png Benfica Kits for DC Represents-benfica_3.jpg


    Done in response to a privately messaged request. I don't actually do kits - you need Photoshop to do it well - but with my limited software and some templates, this particular request was doable. I can't seem to attach images to private messages, though, so I've had to create this page in order to give him a link to download from.

  2. They look good. What soft did you use?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gpsanchez View Post
    They look good. What soft did you use?
    I have a set of templates that I downloaded either from this or another FM-themed site about a year ago when I was trying to get into kit making. So each of those three shirts already existed as a template (see screenshot for just Adidas examples) but without the club badge and main sponsor, but you can get those logos from simple Google image searches.

    Benfica Kits for DC Represents-adidas.png

    On my iMac, I have a programme from the Mac App Store called Paint Pro which only cost about 8-quid. So I can, for example, find a black version of the Emirates logo, remove the white background, change the black to white and save as a .png file. Then copy and paste onto the shirt image (in a separate file) and resize it into position. Similarly for the Benfica badge. Once I'd done one shirt, I used it as a guide for position, which is how I got the logos in (more-or-less) the same position on each shirt, tweaking slightly to allow for that red band on the chest of the away shirt. I'm sure there are similarly cheap and cheerful programmes on the PC that will enable you to do the same sort of thing. As long as you can work with transparency and layers, you'll be fine.

    But to create brand new shirts - to either replicate this season's new kits or create designs of your own - requires considerably more ability, in-keeping with a professional artworker. I had a trial version of Photoshop Elements and bought the Photoshop Elements for Dummies book, but found that it couldn't unlock the layers contained in many of the .psd template files. I don't want to get a hooky version of Photoshop, so I am limited to simple styles based on existing templates.

    By the time FM15 comes out, the new kits for the major European Leagues will be available to download here, if previous years are anything to go by (in fact, I see they have now started to load some in already):

    SS'14/15 League Kits
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