[Request] Kit for costume team

  1. [Request] Kit for costume team

    Hey all, i'm looking for a kit for my costume made team
    Would like the badge to be on the left top and umbro logo on the right

    with sponsor of Virgin Galactic

    here are the information in details:

    Name: London United Jets FC (badge picture is below)
    manufacture: Umbro
    Sponsor : Virgin Galactic
    Home: Green And black
    Away: Black and white
    Third: Gray and black
    Style: let your creativity shine, i don't have any basic ideas (very bad with visualisation and design)

    [Request] Kit for costume team-704290d1415664475-rocheybs-custom-logo-creation-thread-london-united-jets_1.png

    Thanks you for your effort and time

  2. [Request] Kit for costume team-luj_1.png[Request] Kit for costume team-luj_2.png[Request] Kit for costume team-luj_3.png

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