Fantasy Kits Requests

  1. Fantasy Kits Requests

    Im not the best at making fantasy kits(far from it) but i can do them okish, if anyone wants to request fantasy kits post away and ill help out.

    Post the following when requesting thanks.

    KIT MAN:

    Some of my recent kits.

  2. Team: Chelsea
    Sponsor: Budweiser
    Shirt Brand: Nike
    Home Kit Colours & Design: Chelsea Blue - Fantasy Kits Requests-chelsea-2014-15-home-kit-released.jpg

    Away Kit Colours & Design: Pink like Juventus kit - Name: Name: Name:  images (2).jpg
Views: 1770
Size:  6.5 KB

    Third Kit Colours & Design: Black with White strips on the arm like - Click image for larger version

Name:	Chelsea-2014-15-home-kit-released.jpg
Views:	1164
Size:	23.7 KB
ID:	730094

    Thanks Matt

  3. TEAM:man utd
    SPONSOR: meo
    shirt brand : umbro
    home kit : red with small white line on the sleeve
    away kit : white with a red line on the bottom of the kit
    thirth kit : black with your perferences
    thank you

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