Custom Kits! Youtube Series

  1. Custom Kits! Youtube Series

    Hi, On my youtube ( I'm starting a series where I create custom kits and make speedarts of me making them, then upload it to my channel. Then I'll be uploading the kits to FM-Base for people to download. BUT I need some people to suggest teams which they want custom kits for, this is where you come in! There's a good chance I'll do pretty much any teams which you guys suggest. I hope you like this idea. Feel free to suggest anything!

    Series Playlist :

    Middlesbrough FC:
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  3. Hey loving your work so far:

    Team: Guernsey
    Sponsor: Specsavers
    Shirt Brand: Adidas
    Home Kit Colours & Design: Green with white detailing
    Away Kit Colours & Design: White with green detailing

    I'll leave the rest up to you :-)

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