3D Kits Megapack (Season 2014/2015)

  1. 3D Kits Megapack (Season 2014/2015)

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    Argentina - Primera Division A 3D'2014/15 by R2G_LdA/bjcswfc
    Austria - Bundesliga 3D'2014/15 by Chris
    Belarus - Highest League 3D'2014/15 by siborg
    Belarus - First League 3D'2014/15 by siborg
    Belgium - Pro League 3D'2014/15 by WhiteH
    Bosnia - Premier League 3D'2014/15 by Orthodox
    Brazil - Seriea A & B 3D'2014/15 by Didimos
    Croatia - Maxtv Prva Liga 3D'2014/15 by Orthodox
    Czech - Synot Liga 3D'2014/15 by bjcswfc
    Denmark - SuperLiga 3D'2014/15 by bjcswfc
    England - Premier League 3D'2014/15 by Korvin
    England - Championship 3D'14/15
    England - League One 3D'2014/15
    England - League Two 3D'2014/15
    England - North West Counties League Premier 3D'2014/15 by WhiteH
    England - Sussex County Football League Div One 3D'2014/15 by WhiteH
    France - Ligue One 3D'2014/15 by chris/bjcswfc
    Germany - Bundesliga 3D'2014/15 by diakalis
    Germany - 2.Bundesliga 3D'2014/15 by Korvin
    Greece - SuperLeague 3D'2014/15 by chris
    Holland - Eredivisie 3D'2014/15
    Italy - Serie A 3D'2014/15
    Italy - Serie B 3D'2014/15 by Natthiwut
    Kazakhstan - Premier League 3D'2014/15 by siborg
    Norway - Tippeligaen 3D'2014/15 by WhiteH
    Poland - Ekstraklasa 3D'2014/15 by Chris, Korvin & WhiteH
    Portugal - Liga NOS 2014/15 by Korvin
    Rep of Ireland - Premier League 3D'2014/15 by WhiteH
    Romania - Liga I 3D'2014/15 by Korvin
    Russia - Premier League 3D'2014/15 by Korvin
    Russia - FNL 3D'2014/15 by siborg
    Serbia - Jelen Superliga 3D'2014/15 by Orthodox
    Slovakia - Fortuna Liga by maxi9494
    Spain - La Liga BBVA 3D'2014/15 by diakalis, NOFACENONAME, ArchaonDaniels & Rus86
    Spain - Liga Adelante 3D'2014/15 by bjcswfc
    Spain - SegundaB (Groups I - IV) 3D'2014/15 by bjcswfc
    Swizterland - Super League 3D'2014/15 by chris
    Turkey - SuperLig 3D'2014/15 by Korvin
    Ukraine - Premier League 3D'2014/15 by Korvin


    Europe 3D'2014/15

    How to install?

    1. Extract folder to Documents/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2015 or 2015/graphics/3Dkits/put in here!

    ( If there is no graphics folder there, create "graphics" )

    Then go to FM15 and click on 'Preferences'...click 'Interface'....click unticked 'Use caching to decrease page loading times and click tick 'Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences'.....click 'Reload Skin'.

    Download: 3D Kits.rar (159,31 MB) - uploaded.net
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