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ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request
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  1. Club (met logo): Dundee United
    Brand: Adidas
    Sponsor: Nintendo with the 3ds on the away and wii u on the third
    Home Orange and Black half and half
    Away: White with Black Trim on sleeves
    Third : Black with Orange sleeves

  2. Your other request will come in about two days.

    Name:  Shirt110.png
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Size:  67.8 KBName:  Shirt111.png
Views: 432
Size:  58.7 KBName:  Shirt112.png
Views: 425
Size:  75.9 KB

  3. Wow mate they are brilliant i love the away kit thank you

  4. Club (met logo): Fleetwood Town
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: you choose
    Home : Red with white collar and black trim on sleeves
    Away: Blue with white lines
    Third : something based on this :

    sorry for requesting loads your kits are really good

  5. Dundee will come tomorrow

    Name:  Shirt113.png
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Size:  61.6 KBName:  Shirt114.png
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Size:  61.3 KBName:  Shirt115.png
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Size:  54.2 KB

  6. mate they are brilliant thanks

  7. Well, here they are!

    Name:  Shirt116.png
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Size:  57.6 KBName:  Shirt117.png
Views: 549
Size:  54.7 KBName:  Shirt118.png
Views: 464
Size:  52.9 KBName:  Shirt119.png
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Size:  55.9 KB
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by dufcx4xeva View Post
    mate they are brilliant thanks
    U like the Dundee kits, mate?

  9. i love them mate especially that third kit thanks

  10. Club (met logo):The new saints
    Brand: addidas
    Sponsor:Pepsi/coca-cola whichever you think looks best
    Home: Main green with blue second colour
    Away:Main black with dark grey as second colour
    Third:Main red with gold as second colour

    Thank you in advance )

  11. Nantwich Town FC - Is the logo
    Home Kit - Green and White - This is the shade of green It is.
    Away Kit - Normally yellow and Red but they've had red and blue and all sorts, go mental with it have some fun!
    Third - Again anything you fancy

  12. Falmouth Town - Falmouth Town A.F.C. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Logo
    Home Kit - The guy in yellow is the Falmouth Home
    Away Kit - Blue, anything you fancy.
    3rd Kit - Blue,Yellow,Black anything you fancy.
    Sponsor - http://windinguppetitionsolicitors.c...lett-Stock.jpg
    Macron shirt maker.

    All the best, sorry everything is so obscure.

  13. Club (met logo): Dulwich Hamlet FC (link here)
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: Samsung
    Home: Something similar to this pink and white (link)
    Away: Something similar in navy blue and white (link)
    Third: Go crazy, but black and white would be good

    Thanks in advance!
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  14. Vikersund IF kit

    Club: Vikersund IF
    Brand: Diadiora
    Sponsor: Sparebank 1 Modum
    Home: Red
    Away: Black (same as the keeper shirt)

    ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-100-vif-.jpg
    ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-vif.jpg
    ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-logo_sparebank1.jpg

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Club (met logo): Arsenal
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: What every looks snazzy haha
    Home: Red(simple)
    Away: Yellow(nice pattern)
    Third: White(funky pattern)

  16. Club (met logo): Edgware Town ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-edgware_town_f.c._logo.png
    Brand: PUMA
    Sponsor: Apple
    Home Green with white trim
    Away: white with green trim
    Third: yellow and green
    Extra: be creative

  17. Hi all,

    I've just joined the site, so I'll have a look at getting through some requests when I get home tonight.

    Presuming this is ok with the Post author?


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  18. Club (met logo): Chelsea
    Brand: Adidas
    Sponsor: Any sponsor
    Home: Away: Third: Can i have this years colours, go wild with the designs

    Thanks in advanced

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Yoblackcat View Post
    Club (met logo): Chelsea
    Brand: Adidas
    Sponsor: Any sponsor
    Home: Away: Third: Can i have this years colours, go wild with the designs

    Thanks in advanced
    I'll do this when I get in from work tonight, in the All in Kit request thread

  20. Club (met logo): Dundee UnitedName:  dundee united.jpe
Views: 821
Size:  10.8 KB
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: Calor
    Home: Not Needed.
    Away: ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-united-kit.jpgExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-united-kit-2.jpg
    Third: Not needed.
    Extra: Could you just make this away kit with the calor logo and nike as the brand. Also dont worry about the faded logo in the background of the kit

  21. Team: Chelsea
    Kit Manufacturer: Nike
    Sponsor: None
    Colours: This season's colours
    Extras/Notes: please make on SS...

    Thanks Yoblackcat


  23. Requests are still welcome.

  24. Fantasy Olympique Lyonnais kits
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  25. Team: stranraer
    Badge -
    Name:  1600.png
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Size:  32.6 KB
    Kit Manufacturer: Nike
    Sponsor: Any
    Colours: blue and white
    Something like this:

    Away - Any colours apart from blue and white and something like this:

  26. Name:  shirt22_zpsjrjwvqli.png
Views: 132
Size:  62.4 KBName:  shirt23_zpstamljvse.png
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Size:  72.2 KB
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  27. Name:  Shirt19_zpsidbkgfsa.png
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Size:  78.2 KBName:  Shirt20_zpstswgxqdi.png
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Size:  63.4 KBName:  Shirt21_zps0jdklo1j.png
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    Name:  Shirt16_zpshkqvnaed.png
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    Name:  Shirt13_zpsipj3ygrl.png
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Size:  60.5 KBName:  Shirt14_zps40zjq3lk.png
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Size:  52.3 KBName:  Shirt15_zpsfyre2hfe.png
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    Name:  Shirt10_zpss25hrmhl.png
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    Name:  Shirt2_zpsp7debhff.png
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Size:  66.3 KBName:  Shirt3_zpsuywvuznh.png
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    Name:  Shirt7_zpsmbbzcdre.png
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Size:  68.3 KBName:  Shirt8_zpsxybmxifd.png
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Size:  60.1 KBName:  Shirt9_zpswvnwopso.png
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    Name:  Shirt4_zpsdtbumyzj.png
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Size:  51.7 KBName:  Shirt5_zpsthtxdezw.png
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Size:  48.4 KBName:  Shirt6_zps5swkolbs.png
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    Indian Super League pack finished

  28. Club: Dagenham & Redbridge
    Brand: New Balance
    Sponsor: BrewDog
    Home Blue to claret gradient halves (right half blue with claret sleeve, left half claret with blue sleeve)
    Away: Yellow with black sleeves - but creativity encouraged
    Third : Go nuts

  29. Quote Originally Posted by JoeyShinobi View Post
    Club: Dagenham & Redbridge
    Brand: New Balance
    Sponsor: BrewDog
    Home Blue to claret gradient halves (right half blue with claret sleeve, left half claret with blue sleeve)
    Away: Yellow with black sleeves - but creativity encouraged
    Third : Go nuts
    Name:  Shirt24_zpsrh83o5ko.png
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Size:  62.0 KBName:  shirt255_zpsoqwqmgdy.png
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Size:  67.7 KBName:  shirt26_zpsghxpiumn.png
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  30. Name:  Shirt27_zpsqaboyhbv.png
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Size:  57.6 KBName:  Shirt28_zpskmnxt513.png
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Size:  56.0 KBName:  Shirt29_zpsj8hl50ct.png
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    Name:  Shirt30_zpsxotupqjq.png
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Size:  56.6 KBName:  Shirt31_zpswyvnrqrh.png
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    Name:  shirt36_zpskz3rfzty.png
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Size:  57.3 KBName:  shirt35_zpsifmgjqa8.png
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Size:  60.6 KB

    Tried some new stuff.
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  31. Name:  shirt45_zps4vhdsax8.png
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Size:  57.5 KBName:  Shirt46_zpszdaj6ao0.png
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    Name:  Shirt47_zps4ohn41fa.png
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Size:  61.3 KBName:  Shirt48_zpskcejtr9o.png
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Size:  65.5 KB

    Some new.
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  32. Blyth Spartans / Fleur de lys


    Your work is of real quality, I am enjoying your kit posts. I wondered if you would be willing to make a couple of kits for me? I have two particular styles that I am interested in.

    The first is a home/away for the English non-league club Blyth Spartans.

    Name:  Black Helmet.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  65.0 KBExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-green-helmet.jpgExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-spartans.jpg.pngName:  Logo.jpg
Views: 325
Size:  11.0 KBExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-sony-ericsson-logo.jpg

    The club kit is currently similar to that above; green and white stripes. I'd like to keep the green/white colour scheme, but have a one-colour shirt with a helmet style decal faded into the side of the shirt (like your Statue of Liberty scheme above).

    For example:

    Shirt - white with green trim on the bottom of the sleeves.
    Club logo and shirt maker icons in their usual place.
    Sponsor - something simple in black, like the 'Subaru' you have used previously, or my Sony Ericsson wording.
    Either of the two helmet designs in a faded green, coming in from the side.

    And then an accompanying away shirt. Perhaps in a flat black colour with trim, logos etc, and then the same helmet design coming in from the side of the shirt.

    My second request is a complete fantasy kit. I would like to take over a lower-league French club and have an interest in the old French Imperial/Napoleonic colour schemes and designs.

    Name:  Fleur I.png
Views: 718
Size:  7.5 KBExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-imperial.jpgName:  Redcurrant.jpg
Views: 286
Size:  17.4 KBExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-bataillon.jpgExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-river.jpg

    Here I am thinking that the imperial blue could be the base colour for the home shirt, something similar to the Arsenal redcurrant colour for the away shirt. All trim to be in gold. Within that I would be keen to have a fleur de lys decal incorporated in some way, and the usual shirt maker etc details.

    Or, as an alternative style, perhaps something based on the River Plate shirt design. So the upper triangle would be in the blue, the lower triangle in the redcurrant, separated by a thin white or gold diagonal sash.

    I don't have a real concept of what the end-shirts would look like and would be really interested to see what you could come up with for these designs, if willing?
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  33. Name:  Shirt56_zpsnow3rttk.png
Views: 286
Size:  51.6 KBName:  Shirt57_zpslbwvk2fz.png
Views: 292
Size:  43.9 KBName:  Shirt58_zpshkzcgz7z.png
Views: 280
Size:  57.8 KBName:  Shirt59_zps21vbn0uc.png
Views: 293
Size:  60.8 KB

    Didn't know what logo I had to use at the fantasy one, hope u like it like this.
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  34. Those are excellent, ExcelsiorRdam. Thank you kindly.

    The Spartans kit is exactly on brief, and I really like the two-tone home shirt and the little touches, like the head in the away gold banding. I left the sponsor out as I was planning to take over a lower-league Corsican club; a team with no money, no sponsor and take them through the leagues to the top.

    Great work on the kits. Now to get these beasties into the game!

  35. Brighton City

    Club (met logo):
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: Virgin Trains
    Home: Red & White Stripes
    Away: Blue with red lines on shoulder

    Name:  2062002128.png
Views: 273
Size:  53.4 KB ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-virgintrainslogo.svg.png
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  36. Club (met logo): Aston Villa badge link
    Brand: Umbro
    Sponsor: Unicef link
    Main Colours: Claret & Light Blue
    Secondary Colours: Gold and White

    Home & Away: Like these Roma Kits LINK
    Third: Of you Choosing

    Extra: PL badges on sleeves of home and away & CL badges on Third Sleeves

    Thanks in advance

  37. Could you possibly make fantasy kits for my created team

    Club (met logo): ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-crop_20160217_012610.jpg
    Brand: Puma
    Sponsor: Skyrim and Bethesda
    Home: Sky Blue and Tangerine
    Away: Tangerine and Sky Blue

  38. club: Highfield Rangers ( Highfield Rangers )
    manufacturer: puma
    sponsor: king power
    colours: Home: Blue with white pin strips. Away: White with red trim. Third: Red with club logo in kit(white)
    notes: Can the sponsor be in red for home and away and black in third


  39. Love the kits above!!

    Could I request 2 please;

    Team: Preussen Munster (3.Liga in Germany)
    Home: Same design as the kit of the left - main colour black with green...

    Away: Same design as kit on the right - stripe thicker, main colour red with black outline and stripe
    Sponsors: None
    Kit Manufacturer: Nike

    Thanks in advance

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