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ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request
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  1. ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request

    I would love making kits for you. Please give me a mention when you request kits !

    Club (met logo):



    Name:  Shirt22.png
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Size:  59.9 KBName:  Shirt23.png
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Size:  45.5 KBName:  Shirt24.png
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Size:  63.2 KB
    Name:  Shirt51.png
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Size:  53.7 KBName:  Shirt52.png
Views: 1549
Size:  60.8 KBName:  Shirt53.png
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Size:  73.0 KB

    When you want to use it outside Football Manager and FM-Base, please contact me by pm.
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  2. Club (met logo): FC Halifax
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: Your Choice
    Home: Blue (white trim)
    Away: Red (white trim)

  3. Name:  Shirt63.png
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Size:  64.2 KBName:  Shirt64.png
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Size:  60.2 KB

    Here you go mate!
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  4. Thanks mate. They looks awesome
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  5. Club: Cobh Ramblers ( bit random)
    Brand: adidas
    Sponsor: Guiness
    Home: like the aston villa shirt. Red with light blue sleeves
    Away: Fully light blue with red trim

  6. Name:  Shirt65.png
Views: 1636
Size:  64.5 KBName:  Shirt66.png
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Size:  66.9 KB

    Hope you like them!
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  7. Thanks a lot and how do you apply them to your game? sorry

  8. Whats the ID of Cobh Ramblers, I will make a config for you
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  9. How do you find that out? Sorry just good at this stuff?
    And will I have to start a new save to apply this? Thanks again

  10. When you go to preferences on Football Manager u will see at graphics (i think): Put id-files on.
    You won't have to start a new game
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  11. got it


    Hope this will work, place the folder inside the rar into: Document > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 15 > Graphics (you may create this map).
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  13. nothing unfortunatly

  14. Hallelujah It works
    Thanks a lot for your help
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  15. This one will work, at my place he is

    EDIT: O he already works, no problem mate!
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  16. Someone got a request ?

  17. Club (met logo): Cheadle Town link
    Brand: adidas
    Sponsor: Rainbow88 (logo black on home and white on away) link
    Home: Green(main) and White (grey for pattern) version of this link
    Away: copy of this please link

  18. Sorry for this my mate wants one!
    Club: royal antwerp
    Brand: puma
    sponsor: carrefour
    home: red and white stripes
    away: yellow with black trim
    third: black with white trim and white left sleeve
    Thanks mate it's just my mate thought your others were awesome s he wanted me to ask you for him!

  19. Name:  Shirt71.png
Views: 690
Size:  68.7 KBName:  Shirt72.png
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Size:  59.9 KB

    @reubomad; your kits will come tonight, now i am going to my favorite club
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  20. Hey saw your work, looks good
    club: shamrock rovers
    sponsor:paddy power
    home: green and white stripes
    away:goldy orange colour, black tint
    third: purple, white stripe through the middle
    thanks a lot mate

  21. For the mighty reds
    club:nottingham forest
    home;red white tint
    away: white, thin red stripes
    third:blue white tint
    sorry starting new season want new stuff
    code: 692

  22. Lads, I will make them tomorrow. However, it's not the intention that i will make config for everyone. I'm sure that a tutorial is around here. For the requests that I have, I will make the config. But requests after this message won't get a config-file!

  23. Great thread mate, can I trouble you for the below?

    Team : Leeds United
    Kit Style: Man City 2013 / 2014 Third Kit (see here
    Manufacturer : Nike
    Sponsor : Jumeriah (
    Home : As City Third Kit, main background kit colour white with yellow & blue stripes
    Away : As City Third Kit, main background kit colour blue with white & yellow stripes
    Third : As City Third Kit, main background kit colour yellow with blue & white stripes

    Thanks a million

  24. Name:  Shirt82.png
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Size:  50.8 KBName:  Shirt83.png
Views: 635
Size:  57.0 KBName:  Shirt84.png
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Size:  58.3 KB

  25. Mate, those are ace!


  26. I'm glad you like them mate

  27. Quote Originally Posted by ExcelsiorRdam View Post
    I'm glad you like them mate
    Awesome. Are these the right size for putting in the game?

  28. Quote Originally Posted by macca72 View Post
    Awesome. Are these the right size for putting in the game?
    Its 220x220, so it is good

  29. Quote Originally Posted by ExcelsiorRdam View Post
    Its 220x220, so it is good
    Boom. Cheers mate, great stuff.

  30. Someone got a nice/difficult request for me ?

  31. Quick question mate, these are 2d kits yeah (first time i've done this). I assume they don't work with the 3d ME?

  32. You can only see this when u are in the statistics screen, so you won't see them 3D.

    Name:  Shirt85.png
Views: 460
Size:  48.6 KBName:  Shirt87.png
Views: 475
Size:  65.3 KB
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  33. Quote Originally Posted by ExcelsiorRdam View Post
    Someone got a nice/difficult request for me ?
    How's this??

    My managers profile is Alistair Leslie Graham aka. Ali G - I have reached the year 2028/29, and in celebration of this being my longest ever save that hasn't crashed on me and the fact I have just won the EPL for the like the forth time and I just can't seem to win the CL which was my original challenge so I am looking for some shirts to inspire, lol...

    Team: Staines Football Club
    Same as on the links please (but just the lettering (without the square around it)

    Please try for a subtle rasta style --- that would be awesome as my manager is Ali G (haha)

    Home Kit Details:
    I would like a completely new kit be creative, use the colours from this version of the kit previously made by hermanchides on

    Away Kit Details:
    again a completely new design but these colours

    Third Kit Details:
    a white and blue shirt that's just a radical design (some that would inspire the team to win the CL - can this one have the Champions League badges on it please (be creative)

    Other Information:
    Can I have the EPL Champions shoulder badges (gold)

    Inspiration for kit designs:-
    ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-ozzy91.jpg ExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-rasta-colors-1920x1080.jpgExcelsiorRdam's Kits Request-tumblr_mbd3g6ux5g1qfw3ymo1_1280.jpg

  34. Name:  Shirt88.png
Views: 569
Size:  58.9 KBName:  Shirt89.png
Views: 569
Size:  47.0 KBName:  Shirt90.png
Views: 548
Size:  48.1 KBName:  Shirt91.png
Views: 534
Size:  62.7 KB

    This was a request from a Dutch forum. Bornexplorer, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I have two important tests, so your kits will come; but not very fast, I'm sorry.
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  35. Well, i got some spare time to make them. Hope you like them, was very hard haha.

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  36. Open for requests

  37. Club (met logo): Fallowfield FC -
    Brand: Nike
    Sponsor: Marvel
    Home: Dark Blue - White Stripes
    Away: Holland something a kin to - >

    Just the cirlce in the badge, let me know if you need the border removing.
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  38. Can't see the link at the second kit, so hope this is good.

    Name:  Shirt97.png
Views: 466
Size:  59.0 KBName:  Shirt98.png
Views: 448
Size:  62.3 KB
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  39. Brilliant sir

  40. Kits for my favorite English team!

    Name:  Shirt99.png
Views: 570
Size:  52.1 KBName:  Shirt100.png
Views: 540
Size:  62.6 KB

  41. Someone a request ?

  42. Ill make a list of whos missing from my game later and give you a few

  43. U want the real kits, or just fantasy? I like it too make fantasy haha

  44. Club (met logo): Kilmarnock
    Brand: Umbro
    Sponsor: Johnnie Walker
    Home: Normal Blue and White striped kit similar to this seasons Hull City home shirt
    Away: Orange with black trim/black sponsor logo, similar if possible to the 14/15 Brisbane Road kit pictured here
    Third: White with navy blue trim if possible similar to the 14/15 Serbia away kit pictured here
    If possible, could third kit also have this Kilmarnock badge? Kilmarnock Football Club | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and logotypes

    I know I'm asking a lot but I would very much appreciate it if you could do this. Thanks!

  45. @Killiepie

    Name:  Shirt101.png
Views: 421
Size:  61.8 KBName:  Shirt102.png
Views: 434
Size:  60.5 KBName:  Shirt103.png
Views: 446
Size:  53.3 KB

  46. Thanks. They are class!

  47. Club (met logo): Stranraer
    Brand: Adidas
    Sponsor: Sony but under the playstation brand so PS4 for home and away but the Vita for third
    Home Blue with white sleeves
    Away: White with blue sleeves
    Third: Yellow with black splashs all over like the dundee united kit from 1994 :

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