Config file trouble

  1. Config file trouble


    For some reason the game won't pick up on the config file made for the custom team I've added to the game so I was wondering if someone could create the XML file for me? Thanks in advance if you do take up the request.

    Config file trouble-hanwell_1.pngConfig file trouble-hanwell_2.pngConfig file trouble-hanwell_3.png

  2. Find a random team on your FM kits folder. Open up the config with note pad. Pick any team, copy and past the config of that team on the line below and change the name team id etc to match the team you want
    This should work and is quick and easy once you understand it
    Loads of vids on youtube to guide also

  3. I think im having the same problem in my game but just for normal kits only the odd 1-2 third kit shows up.

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