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Kit Templates Download Section

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    Kit Templates Download Section

    This is to prevent the 'Where can i get this Template' threads popping up.

    Here I will post all available Template packs, and update them as they are updated.
    Also, if I miss any Kit Templates off of here, please post below.

    SS - Short Sleeved

    (click image to go to SS kit thread[])

    This is the most common style you will see, mainly because fo the vast amount of styles available, and they are the easiest to use.

    Templates - Current Version - 8.0**NEW - ADDED 9th Oct 2010**
    <Download v8.0 Part 1>
    <Download v8.0 Part 2>
    <Download v8.0 Part 3>
    <Download v8.0 Part 4>

    LS - Long Sleeved

    (click image to go to LS kit thread[])

    Very similar to the SS kits, just longer sleeves, and not as many templates.
    <Download LS>


    (click image to go to RK kit thread[])

    Slightly different SS style. The Textures make for a more realistic kit.

    Catalogue Kits

    Not as common as others.(by CountVladimir of FM-View)

    INK 10

    An incredibly realistic Kit Style.(by Touchdown, fmfanboys,net)


    A fairly new Kit style from FM-Portugal
    <Download SuperPack>(MegaUpload)
    <Download Pack BY FMPT Staff>(FileFront)

    Project Dummy

    Another new style to the Kits. Different, with shorts and top of socks.

    Thanks to for Project Dummy.



    by trbngr of FM-Fanboys

    A new style very similar to the SS style.

    (Please sign up to FM Fanboys to access the link above)


    click image to go to thread

    SS09 kits, with a street style twist. Original, unique, wonderful


    I cannot add Display kits, as they are solely for one FM site.
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  2. Cheers for these Stu, will give them all a download!

  3. FM-Fanboys kits have been credited and linked, with thanks to Dec for providing me with the info.

    The other kits will be credited and linked when i figuire out where they are from, i dont download kits so I'm unaware of the massive amount out there and their various creators and websites.

    Will get StuW on the case of crediting/linking ASAP.
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  4. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Newcastle United, FC Barcelona
    Updated credits for styles. If I have missed any, wrongly credited etc, please VM me and I willl correct them.

  5. Nick.Premium Member
    Chelsea, AFC Wimbledon Premium Member
    niceeee, good to see all the different styles in one thread

  6. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Newcastle United, FC Barcelona
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Main View Post
    niceeee, good to see all the different styles in one thread
    Yeah, thought it would be better than having them spread across 20 threads.

    Also, I will add any missed to the OP, so it can be found easily.

  7. matty2505's Avatar matty2505
    Walsall fc, pelsall villa, birmingham City Rotation
    The Ink kits are just epic.

  8. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Newcastle United, FC Barcelona
    Just added the download links for SS Kits, V8.0, the latest release(as of yesterday, 8th October 2010)

  9. pistolped7's Avatar pistolped7
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    Cool, will be getting

  10. When I download the kits and look at them, they're all blank kits with no design or logo.

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