Some kits not showing on matchday.

  1. Some kits not showing on matchday.

    Hi all..
    Sorry if there is a thread about this but i cant find any help on it..
    This is my problem...

    Ive downloaded kit packs for fm11 and there showing fine on the teams information screen. But on a matchday its a different story there is some clubs ie FC Kobenhavn and national teams ie England and Spain not showing the kits ive downloaded on matchday just the default kit pics ive checked the config files and they all seem ok.

    So i was wondering if anyone would help me fix this baffleing problem??

    Thanks in advance.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Some kits not showing on matchday.-england-information_-overview-.png   Some kits not showing on matchday.-england-v-montenegro-information_-overview-.png   Some kits not showing on matchday.-football-club-k%C3%B8benhavn-information_-overview-.png  

    Some kits not showing on matchday.-man-utd-v-fc-k%C3%B8benhavn-information_-overview-.png  
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  2. I know the problem you're having as i'm experiencing it to, the only thing is i don't know how to fix it lol

  3. Same problem, can someone please help. Its with England!!!

  4. Yeah i had a problem with mine for a created team i was told to resize them to 160 x 160 but i aint tried yet, could try that with yours... could possibly work

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    had this before cant remember how i fixed it but nice win for england and nice win for united

  6. Been some time since and haven't got a reply! Was hoping that there has to be someone out there who has had the same prob and has fixed it!?

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    Disappointed nobody even bothers to help...

  7. Hi all i still haven't fixed the problem its getting on my nerves TBH cant understand why this is happening all my kits are the same size 106x160 so that aint the problem.....


  8. Same problem here !!!

  9. I'm having the same problem, does anybody know how to fix this issue??????

  10. Ive found the solution i think its to do with the kits in the editor if you use FMRTE or data editor go to kits and colours and look there will be 2 home shirts and maybe in away kits aswell- delete 1 of them so there is just 1 shirt showing in kits an colours and the check the config file in your kits folder and make sure there is just 1 home,away and thrid kit config.. hope you all understand that..

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