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    Im back!
    This is my new thread on Kit Request after some very help full constructive critasism about my sponsors being to low down the shirt but now im here and i have taken the comments to consideration.

    At the MOMENT i do 3 styles but anyother style's wanted i will try my best to attempt.

    The 3 styles i do at the moment are Project Dummy and AK11 and CK(Catolouge Kits) But AK11 and CK and Basically the Same (Arsenal Is AK11 Stoke is CK) but as i said any other styles you wish me to try for you or for anyone else just ASK

    I also to Fantasy Kits, Current Kits And i will try at any old kits you would like and finally to make live easier for me set you're request out in this format if you will

    Team Name :
    Sponsor :
    Kit Manufacturer ( Nike, Adidas,etc ) :
    Kit Template (Project Dummy,AK11, CK Or Anyother You want me to try ) :
    Home Kit :
    Away Kit :
    Third Kit (Optional) :
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kit Request-arsenal-kit.png   Kit Request-fantasy-liverpool-kit.png   Kit Request-fantasy-newcastle-kit.png  

    Kit Request-fantasy-wigan-kit.png   Kit Request-stoke-city-kit-under-armour.png  
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  2. pistolped7's Avatar pistolped7
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    Why have you started a new thread?

  3. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
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    to get rid of the white BG, upload to imageshack, photobucket or imgur.

  4. Get rid of the words with the massive font size too...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by StuW View Post
    to get rid of the white BG, upload to imageshack, photobucket or imgur.
    I dont save them with a white backround i dont know why it comes up with them?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by LewyLovesWigan View Post
    I dont save them with a white backround i dont know why it comes up with them?
    Mate, upload it to imageshack then, click the mountains on the toolbar thing, insert direct link from imageshack.


  7. Name:  real bradford home.png
Views: 450
Size:  41.2 KBName:  real bradford away.png
Views: 339
Size:  26.0 KBName:  real bradford third.png
Views: 361
Size:  35.2 KBKit Request-coa_image.gifKit Request-ta.png

    I'm trying to make these fit my new team that i have created, this is my first attempt and i appreciate that they are abit naff, however i would appreciate any help you can provide to either make these more realistic "with the sponsor mainly". Can you provide a config file for them as all my attempts to load these up are frankly rubbish.

    These are the colour schemes i would like.

    Team name is Real Bradford Fc
    Sponsor is Trueachievements
    kit manufacturer is NIKE
    and the kits are listed of order, Home, Away, third.

    I'm sorry but i have no idea of what kit template to use. i used smart shirt designer 2, but as i say i couldn't get them to work on the game so i'm deffo doing something wrong.


  8. any chance able to make these for my NY/NJ Metrostars team

    NY/NJ Metrostars old kits
    metrostars front of shirt
    black red home shirt SS style
    black white away shirt SS style
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kit Request-476209668_7a657fd88b.jpg   Kit Request-3978593318_e039cb6b5a.jpg  

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