Turkey Premier League Kit's 10'11

  1. Turkey Premier League Kit's 10'11

    Folder Adress: "User Name/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010-11/graphics/kits"

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    <º))))><.·´¯`·.(๒гкภl.єฬ)¸.·´¯`·.¸><((( (º>

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  2. Can you make me a kit?

  3. i don't, because i didn't this kits, i am sorry...

  4. Where is the credit to Fanboys/Kerlon?

  5. i don't know

  6. CJACKO11's Avatar CJACKO11
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    really good kits mate, abit cheeky i know but anyone know if their is any stadium backgrounds going for the turkish league?? Or is anyone up for making some because i am clueless at them things lol.

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