Newcastle Kit Problem!!!!!!

  1. Newcastle Kit Problem!!!!!!

    Hi there could somebody please help,

    i recently downloaded a kit pack which worked great and all the teams worked except Newcastle!

    I then downloaded another pack and the same result happened again. I then deleted everything and downloaded just the newcastle utd kits from this site and they didnt work, i went into the config and noticed they were set to be used for id680 which is man utd. When i went into the game sure enough there they were perfect but on Man Utd information screen. So i edited the config and set them to id 688 which is Newcastle Utd. When i went back in they had gone from Man Utd but still were not present in Newcastle????? Please help somebody as this is my team and the team i want to manage thanks for your help!!


  2. Ive had the same problem.......

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