Kits not working

  1. Kits not working

    So i got fm11 today and decided to start with Home United in singapore and i made kits and config placed them in folder and reloaded skin and everything and they wont show ill post some screens in a minute heres the kits if someone can help

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  2. What folder did you put your kits in

  3. C:/ > (my User Name)>Documents>Sports Interavtive>Football Manager 2011>graphics>Kits>Home United

  4. give us the UID of the team.. so, we can try to config it to you... maybe there is some error in your config file.

  5. 1606 see if that works

  6. try this one...

    working now... here is the proof...

    click on the image to enlarge it..

    error in renaming.. because the capital latter HomeUnited

    should be homeunited_a or homeunited_h...

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    working now..
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  7. still not working..

  8. Im good at configs, ill make you one. Delete the kits you have and configs.

  9. I have

  10. Here extract to My Documents-Sports interactive-fm11-graphics.

    but make sure you deleted everything else. and then go to pref and reload and hopefully it should work.
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  11. don't know how to help already mate.. because in my game, it's work fine..
    as you can see in the screen shot...

  12. They work now its great

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