cant upload kits to FM 2011

  1. cant upload kits to FM 2011

    Ive downloaded the kits and used winrar to open file but cant work out how i can add this to the game and ive tried going into pref in the game and done what was asked but still no change.
    iam assuming i do need to have FM 2011 disc in

  2. Extract the kits, and put them in my documents-->sports interactive-->football manager 2011--> graphics (may need to create this)--> kits (may need to create this)

  3. It won't work for me either, i'm sure I've done everything right but I reckon its something to do with using a Mac.

    Are you on windows or mac?

  4. Kits

    iam running windows vista

  5. Then it should be pretty straight foward. have you followed the guide in the kits forum? its pretty clear.

    Basically you just need to extract the kits to the relevant folders. If you don't have the relevant folders then you will need to create them.

  6. Kits

    Thanks all done now to try and get logo`s done if this is possible

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    Logo`s done now looking much better now.

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