New France kit

  1. New France kit

    Hello all, i was wondering whether anyone can create the new france kit and download link please?

  2. 1. Use a request thread.
    2. Most kitmakers are in the process of making kit packs so wait untill one comes available.

  3. CJACKO11's Avatar CJACKO11
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    I saw it in Sports World a few hours ago and i like alot. Reminds me of a golf shirt.

  4. To be honest I think it looks crap, much prefer the classic umbro style kits like Rangers, WBA, England WC and even the new Cosmos shirt.

  5. Thanks for the advice never really sort of requested anything on here so i will give it a go now. About the kit, i think it looks decent,ive always preferred nike to adidas and i agree with the golf look, plain but classy

  6. Ive made this already
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