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  1. Kit Editing Help

    Im using the new smart shirt designer program, but when i make a kit im struggling to make the badge proffesional. I download a badge from google e.g Everton Badge, but when i put it onto the kit it has a white square background behind the Everton badge, does anyone know how to remove this white background so i can just have the badge? To make it proffesional, once i know how to do this i can start uploading a few kits onto this site.

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    Try searching for a .PNG image of the badge, they are usually cut out.

  3. how do i then add it to the shirt? or do i have to edit it in another program?

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    oh ive done it now thanks for your help m8

  4. get badges and sponsers from wikipedia

  5. I get the sponsers from wiki but the badges , if its an english or scottish badge , i get it from the sports interactive folder

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal_James1997 View Post
    get badges and sponsers from wikipedia
    send me the link , is there a special wiki , or is it just the normal one then search for the clubs/company where you want the sponsor from ?

  7. normal wikipedia just search the name into the search box on wikipedia

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