Pesky's FBKits Request Thread
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  1. Sorry mate, the status is currently no requests. When I change the status, could you make the request again? Thanks.

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    Brommers92, here are your Shakhtar kits. To cut a long story short, I had neither of Shakhtar kits templates. I used a slighty different one for the home, hope you don't mind! With the away, I had to improvise, so I created the template from scratch to meet your request. I know it's not exactly perfect but I think it is ok. Hope you don't mind too much as I said... Your kits anyway:

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    In fact, Dani, I'll do your request, so don't delete it or anything. But to everyone else, just wait until I open the shop please. And one more thing, I will do all outstanding requests tommorow, and then open the shop up again.

  2. love my bayern munich kits, thanks so much.

  3. thanks for my shakthar kits mate the away one is reallly good tooooo no problems with it at all all threee shud deffo be there proppa real life kitss i think , your clearly the best at making kits think il be requesting another when yu open up if thats okay ?

  4. Of course thats ok!

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    Spurs kits for Pistolped7 here:

  5. Nice job. By the way how many people are in the queue. Wanted to ask for a kit myself?

  6. I have 2 more requests to do and then I will re-open for requests. Feel free to make the request now if you wish, but it probably wont be done until Tuesday.

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    And also, FM1063, here are your Man Utd kits:

  7. Thanks. Let me just carefully think about what team I want to manage and I will let you know. Wanna start a proper save.

  8. Something that everyone should be aware of is the new timetable I have added to the OP. It will tell you when you can request, and when your kits will be made. Thanks!

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    Kits for LRH6 here. Cardiff...

  9. fm1063's Avatar fm1063
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    Quote Originally Posted by peskybendben View Post
    And also, FM1063, here are your Man Utd kits:

    they are amazing thanks mate -

    P.S. could some1 please make a config for these??

  10. pistolped7's Avatar pistolped7
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    Love the kits. Don't normally like Kappa, but those are very good.

  11. Dani3w, here are your Wigan kits:

  12. Your kits keep getting better and better, Keep it Up!
    Sudden rush of requests for Unicef it appears, replacing DICE

  13. Thanks! I too think I am getting better, and I hope more people recognise what I can do. Also, about the Unicef, I completely agree! Seems everybody is after Unicef now! Probably nothing to do with the charity aspect either, just because the logo looks nice!

    Note to everybody here: I am now open for requests again. Next batch of kits will be made Tuesday evening. Check timetable in OP for reference. Cheers!

  14. I love using random sponsors, following the band wagon is boring, they should find something themselves

  15. Team Name: Liverpool
    Shirt Manufacturer: any
    Sponsor: any
    Sleeve Logos: premier league
    Home Design + Colours: red and white
    Away Design + Colours: white and red
    Third Design + Colours: any
    can you use this badge please?


  16. Team Name: Birmingham
    Shirt Manufacturer:Adidas
    Sleeve Logos:BPL Logos
    Home Design + Colours:Blue + White , You Choose
    Away Design + Colours:You Choose
    Third Design + Colours:You choose

  17. Team Name: Wolves
    Shirt Manufacturer: Any
    Sponsor: Vaio
    Sleeve Logos: No thanks
    Home Design + Colours: Gold with black trim
    Away Design + Colours: Black with gold trim
    Third Design + Colours: White with gold trim

  18. Quote Originally Posted by peskybendben View Post
    Dani3w, here are your Wigan kits:

    Bud kits look alright not sure about the third though, if you could change the shirt design on both id be appreciated just vary a bit!? if possible! don't have to be now

  19. your kits are addictive matee
    Team Name: manchester city
    Shirt Manufacturer: nike
    Sponsor: unicef
    Sleeve Logos: premier leauge logos if you can
    Home Design + Colours: same design as my madrid kits please and same colour as citys light blue, can i have the stripe half orange half purple
    Away Design + Colours: same design as my madrid kits please and the base of the top purple and the stripe half light blue half orange
    Third Design + Colours: cud i have the colour the same as barcelonas orange one with the stripe half purple n half light blue

    your kits are just ............ woooooow mate lol
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  20. Sumner_05's Avatar Sumner_05
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    Team Name: England
    Shirt Manufacturer: Nike

    Sponsor: None
    Sleeve Logos: None
    Home Design + Colours: white shirt with some sort of pattern
    Away Design + Colours: 1966 red kit

  21. Wow! Seems I am popular. I will take requests all through today, but I may have to close the thread for a couple of extra days to get them all done! Cheers for all the requests guys!

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    Sorry everybody, but I need to close this thread for the fore-seeable future. I have some major GCSE's coming up and I really need to concentrate on them. Having this thread open will only distract me! I hope nobody is too upset, and like I said, fore-seeable future, so I will be back! All outstanding requests could you please forward to another kit maker on the site? Thanks. And one more thing, could a mod please close this thread for me? I will ask a mod to re-open when I want it open again. Thanks all!

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