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  • Pistolped7

    17 65.38%
  • NickSears88

    9 34.62%

AJ1997's Kit Making Voting Round 1: Norwich

  1. AJ1997's Kit Making Voting Round 1: Norwich

    This is the the 1st thread of my kit making competition. This is the thread that contains the Norwich kits for Pistolped7 and NickSears88.





    Poll is now up. Do not vote for yourself.
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  2. Joss's Avatar JossPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Ummm... we have a KOTW competition?

  3. I prefer pistolped7's, nice and simple

  4. NickSears88 is really impressive simple but done well

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Joss View Post
    Ummm... we have a KOTW competition?
    Ummm... I got permisson from StuW to start this competition.

  6. voted for nick

  7. Luke Phillips's Avatar Luke PhillipsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    I like both kits tbh.

    I love Pistols home kit. The away kit would be better imo, if the sponsor wasn't the same colour as the kit!
    Voted for Nick as both kits are very simple and sexy!

  8. Well Done Pistolped7. You are through to the next round

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