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[FBKits]- Shorts and Socks Style
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  1. I know the new kits are all out soon but has anyone done the majority of the 'Serie a' shorts and sock 10/11 kits?? the Premiership and MLS kits are excellent btw good job peoples.

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      what a waste of time, why are you doing this?
      lol, you have no life...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmoser View Post
    Whoever is doing the championship can feel free to use these Reading kits I made for my request thread. And I'll get going on the Brasilerao again. I have set an ambitious goal to get them all done by the time the 2011 Brasilerao starts up in early May.
    i was but iv stopped now

  3. thxs for the kits cant wait till you do the the 2011/12 kits

  4. Hey i wanted to know if you can do the italian club : Spezia PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i really need it

  5. Is the template available at all? I'm looking to start making kits and this is one of my favourite templates and it's a shame that nobody is currently making them.

  6. how do u make a kit?

  7. Where can we download kits with shorts and socks now?

  8. good evening everyone,from where can i download this style templates ??

  9. Has anyone got a link to download this template from? Cant find it anywhere ?

  10. do we add these to our games like the other ones ?

  11. Is anyone still doing this style?

  12. Hmmm I don't think so,it probably stopped long ago.

  13. to bad :/ I was a big fan of it :|

  14. is it possible to download this template? Please help

  15. Does anybody still have the template for these kind of kits? Pretty please?

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