FM-Design's 3D Kits.

  1. FM-Design's 3D Kits.

    Hi forum.

    I have played the FM series for a while now, and since the 3D match engine was introduced I have always been interested in customizing it to my preference. I found that kits in the match engine (3D kits in match engine appear in your team's games, 2D kits are the ordinary ones that appear in your club information and match information) could be completely plain and boring. I quickly learnt how to create kits and write the config to make them appear in my match engine. I have made many kits with customized sponsors and colours. And I had the idea, wouldn't other people like to have their own kits placed into their match engine? So I decided that I should create them for other people! They take a while to make though, and I can't blaze hours of my own time making them for free, so I would have to charge a small fee.

    What are your views on this?
    Constructive criticism please, having a go doesn't get either of us anywhere.

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  2. My honest opinion not many people would download them if you charged because there are loads of free custom kits anyway.

  3. It's going to be hard to find someone willing to pay, as kits aren't really a big enough part of the game yet. Also when people are downloading face & logo packs with 1000's of logos etc for free it's going to be hard to convince someone to pay for 1 kit etc..

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    Tbh, 3D kits haven't really had much interest really, and I don't think people would be willing to pay for kits. Decent idea though.

  5. Malarkey's Avatar Malarkey
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      what a waste of time, why are you doing this?
      lol, you have no life...
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    teach us how to do it?

  6. Thanks guys, I won't bother then.

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