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  • Set One

    15 78.95%
  • Set Two

    4 21.05%

Partnered Kit Making : Voting 2

  1. Partnered Kit Making : Voting 2

    Here is the second thread of the people who have got there kits in.

    Boca Juniors, Home and Away

    Set One :

    Set Two :

    Whoever made kit's you can NOT Vote what so ever on this thread.
    Do not tell no one who's kits are who's.

    Poll will shut in 3 Days.

  2. voted set one because they have a ragin home kit and IMO set two's home is not the right shade of blue :/

  3. set one , both tops are quality

  4. Voted set one. Fell in love with the away kit

  5. Vote set one.

  6. Malarkey's Avatar Malarkey
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      what a waste of time, why are you doing this?
      lol, you have no life...
    First Team
    set two because i made an away kit like that once

  7. Not keen on either of the home shirts, and between the two away kits, I prefer the Movistar my vote goes to Set 2.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by *Dallas* View Post
    voted set one because they have a ragin home kit and IMO set two's home is not the right shade of blue :/
    The Boca Juniors shirts used to be pink, then they had thin black-and-white vertical stripes on them until 1906 when Boca played against another team that used these colors. The winner of the match would keep the colors, the loser would be forced to change. Boca lost, therefore they were forced to change their shirt and so they decided to adopt the colors of the flag of the first ship that entered the Boca port, a ship that came from Sweden to Buenos Aires.
    Swedish flag
    Name:  swedish-flag-www-2.jpg
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    Doesn't change the fact that the home shirt is poor, but I would say the colour is just about correct. Anyways, set one is far better and that is reflected in the scoreline.
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  9. Poll closes at 7.35 tonight.

  10. Set two, colors are wrong, and the collars are hideous. Set one all the way

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