Putting created kits onto fm11

  1. Putting created kits onto fm11

    I have created my own kits on smart shirt designer 2 and also have used FM graphics gure 1.1 but am not sure how to actually put it onto fm??

  2. Make a folder with them in so if the kits and on FMGG go to kits then press new file this will make a new XML file for you, and save it where the kits are, okay once saved press Add button on FMGG it will come up with a picture of the kits and some writting. tick the boxs and then add the UID and wether they are H/A/T kits, do this for the other and then press save, before you close it check the xml using Notepad to see if it had done it

  3. done this didnt work

  4. doing something wrong then

  5. In your settings do you have "Use skin cache" unticked and "Reload skin on confirm" ticked?

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