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How to make a config file for your kits

  1. How to make a config file for your kits

    I don't know if anyone has done this yet, but I found out how to do it today, and it's actually really simple.

    First, open up notepad (or TextEdit for Mac users).

    Next, copy this into the program:

    <!-- resource manager options -->

    <!-- dont preload anything in this folder -->
    <boolean id="preload" value="false"/>

    <!-- turn off auto mapping -->
    <boolean id="amap" value="false"/>

    <!-- logo mappings -->
    <!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions
    in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any
    place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics
    files from the correct places

    <list id="maps">
    <record from="homekit" to="graphics/pictures/team/teamID/kits/home"/>
    <record from="awaykit" to="graphics/pictures/team/teamID/kits/away"/>
    <record from="thirdkit" to="graphics/pictures/team/teamID/kits/third"/>

    Where homekit, awaykit, and thirdkit are, put the filenames for the kit images. The name of the image doesn't matter- you could name the image "baconlover69" and as long as you had baconlover69 in the config it would show up. I would recommend putting the images inside the kits folder (located inside the graphics folder, incase you didn't already have it there.)

    The teamID is the team's unique ID. To see the team's unique ID, go to Preferences->Display and Sound->Display Settings, and check the "Show Unique IDs" box. Arsenal's unique ID is 602, Villa's is 603, etc.

    Now, once you have the filenames in place and the team ID in place, save the document as CONFIG, with the file type being .xml. Put the CONFIG.xml in your kits folder. Fire up FM, and uncheck "use skin cache" and check "Always Reload Skin on Confirm" in the Display and Sound window, under the window settings box.

    That's all there is to it!

    Note: you only need 1 config. So don't have 30 configs for 30 different teams, just keep adding the "record from="homekit" lines, but change the filename and ID.

  2. cheers !

    will hopefully use soon

  3. Malarkey's Avatar Malarkey
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      what a waste of time, why are you doing this?
      lol, you have no life...
    First Team
    nice tut!

  4. You could also use FMXML

  5. I'm not sure if this works, I tried it with my Arsenal kits but the kits aren't showing up in game... can someone try and give me the results?

  6. Hi,

    I have done this to but the kit is not showing up. Im on a MAC, can someone please help. I have done everything that you told me.

  7. it does not say where to put the team id

  8. Quote Originally Posted by popey94 View Post
    it does not say where to put the team id
    <record from="homekit" to="graphics/pictures/team/teamID/kits/home"/>

    Yes it does, Replace the words "TeamID" with the team id.

    Was wondering if anyone could help me, I have got the kits into the game however 2 of the third kits I have aren't showing up in the game. Is there any reason for this or a way to fix it ?

  9. the config file can be also opened my Dreamweaver. right>?

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