Sam's Kit Request

  1. Sam's Kit Request

    My KR thread is back, so request away, let me warn you that I will take one request then close the thread and repeat so I don't get given too many request.

    Team Name:
    H/A/T Design/Colours:


  2. First Team
    Template: SS
    Team Name: Derby County
    Manufacturer: Reebok
    Sponsor: AEGON
    H/A/T Design/Colours: Home Kit: White with Black details, Away: Yellow with Dark Blue details (Go Crazy With Both Kits Details).

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gthame1992 View Post
    template: Ss
    team name: Derby county
    manufacturer: Reebok
    sponsor: Aegon
    h/a/t design/colours: Home kit: White with black details, away: Yellow with dark blue details (go crazy with both kits details).
    ok. Closed!

Closed Thread

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