default kits?!?!?

  1. Question default kits?!?!?

    is there any way of gettin rid of the built in default kits?

    iv updated the spl kits to the 11/12 season specs but still getting the defaults showing up in matches and now it just looks daft

    as you can see in the pic its got the supposid new away kit colors but still got the weird green kit on the park

    default kits?!?!?-example.jpg

  2. For actual matches you have to get 3d kits created and theres not many people out there that do them. Dont think theres anybody on here that does them but iv seen them either on sortitoutsi or fm-balkan

  3. damn thought it would be as easy as deleting some files and then boom now kits lol

  4. I think you can do something with FM Resource Archiver... Not sure what though. Sorry.

  5. sidgurung97's Avatar sidgurung97
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    Can't you just edit the club's kit colours with FMRTE?

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