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Hermanchides Kit Request Thread

  1. Hermanchides Kit Request Thread [SS Kits]


    SS or FB Templates only - do not ask for any other!

    Please Read and Use the Rules below... failure to do so WILL result in your request being declined. Thread owners decision is final when it comes to rules/requests!

    1. Unless permission has been give - there should be no one else other than me that create the kits that have been requested on here - unless permission has been given, do not under any circumstances use the kits I have created for inclusion in your own packs etc. These are for your own personal use only and should not be distributed anywhere else. You will be banned from my request thread"

    2. Only 1 SET of kits to be requested at one time, (1 requests = 1 Home, 1 Away & 1 Third kit on the same post), any more will mean your request will be denied. Please wait until your first request to be completed before requesting again. Duplicating outstanding requests will not make them be created any quicker.

    3. Do not request on here if you have already request on another thread or site - I will check!

    4. You must have at least
    20 POSTS on FM-BASE to request a kit. Again I will check. Make sure that you contribute to the forum in general, give something back to the people on here, join in discussions etc. Arguing or spaming the thread to bump up your posts will not be acceptable. My decision is final!

    5. Always use the template below when requesting kits - failure to do this will make your request denied

    6. Configs will only be provided if you ask for it and provide the unique ID at the time of your request, asking for it after the kits have been completed will be denied

    7. No duplicate kits will be created. So dont ask for one set of kits with sleeve badges on and one with out etc. Only one set per request. I do not have the time or drive space to duplicate all my work.

    8. No requests to be made via private messages - only requests on this thread will be completed. If you request via private message your future requests on the thread will be denied.

    9. Finally - please have the common courtesy to "thank" or "like" the completed kits I have made for you. Failure to do this could mean future requests are denied.


    Team: Manufacturer:
    Template: SS or FB
    Home design:
    Away design:
    Third design:
    Additional badges: (one version only!)
    Config required: yes/no
    Team unique ID: (please enter the full ID number here otherwise the config will not be created!)

    Any pics to help with design are welcome, if u want identical kit design to pic included then say so otherwise artistic licence may be used Happy requesting


    Download the easy guide to inserting kits with sample config file here

    Examples of SS Kits:

    Examples of FB Kits:

    (People who did not respect the rules on this request thread and who have now been banned from requesting)

    KaizeRLFC - For not appreciating the work I put in when making requests (a simple "Like" is good enough appreciation!)
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  2. Please send me your requests on here, i might not be able to get on over weekend so will do my best to get them done on monday

  3. Team: Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Is there a chance you can do the proper kits for next year?


    Also if you could tell me how to put these into the game that would be appreciated.

  4. Jagginman - not a problem, will try and get them done this weekend but might be monday m8.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hermanchides View Post
    Jagginman - not a problem, will try and get them done this weekend but might be monday m8.
    No problem there

  6. Team: Real Madrid

    Manufacturer: Nike

    Template: SS

    Sponsor(s): Ettihad Guest

    Home design: White top please with a gold stripe on the sleeve from the collar down to the end of the sleeves , could i have the pattern on the villa kit you put above on this kit ??

    Away design: Violet red top please mate with lilac extras

    Third design: lilac top with the extras in orange

    Additional badges: champions leauge logo on the sleeve please matey

    EXTRAS : can i have the sponsor i put above, the nike logo and the stripe on the sleeve that i asked all to be the colour that i aksed for the extras to be on each kit

    Google Image Result for << violet red

    ]Google Image Result for << Lilac

    Google Image Result for << Logo Link

    If it is not too much trouble could i ask for a fourth kit with the same design as the new arsenal kit please

    Thanks in advance !!
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  7. Jagginman:

    Wolves Home / Away
    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-wolves_h.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-wolves_a.png
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  8. I think when you get some time you should perhaps make a premier leauge kit pack you would get sooo many downloads as the kits are amazing quality
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  9. you would get so many downloads if you produce a kit pack and looking at your work it would be insane!
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  10. Thanks Brommers & Snapeyy, if i get time i shall start working on some kit packs and thank you for the comments . Brommers, your madrid kits will be with you soon

    Cheers guys

  11. Brommers92:

    Real Madrid Home / Away / Third / Fourth

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-realmadrid_h.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-realmadrid_a.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-realmadrid_3.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-realmadrid_4.png

  12. Wooow these are supremely great kits thanks hermanchides do we need to wait a set amoount of time before we can submit a new request mate ??
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  13. submit away mate, the more the merryier - obviously if i get too many requests at once i shall let everyone know lol Glad that you liked the kits

  14. yeah i really do like them im thinking, could i ask for a single kit, because at the top of your request page you have examples of your work and i have put the chelsea home and away kit into my game that you made and i was wondering is it cool if i could ask for a third kit for them

    if so im thinking, the design the same as there away kit but the colours as a lilac top with the pattern thing in gold maybe

  15. Brommers92:

    Let me know what you think of this, if you want any changes let me know.

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-chelsea_3.png

  16. thats a nice kit mate thanks, could i have the design the same as there home kit please if its not too much trouble with lilac top and gold details

  17. No problems - i have done two versions for you - as the sponser and adidas logo didnt really stand out in the gold...

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-chelsea_4v2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-chelsea_4.png

  18. oooo that second one is fabulous lol il give you a break before i request again
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  19. Team: Anzhi
    Manufacturer: Adidas
    Template: SS
    Sponsor(s): LEGO
    Home design: white with green zebra stripes
    Away design: green
    Third design: yellow
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  20. maltefb:

    Anzhi Home / Away / Third

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-anzhi_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-anzhi_2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-anzhi_3.png

    hopes these are ok mate.

  21. Some more of my work so far:

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-mancity_h.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-everton_h.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-liverpool_h.png
    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-bolton_h.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-sunderland_h.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-fulham_h.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-norwich_h.png

    Once all the Premier League 2011/12 kits have been released i shall release a full Premier League Kit Pack
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  22. that is a wonderfull idea lol

    ---------- Post added at 08:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:10 PM ----------

    Hey again mate, is it alright if i posted a barcelona request or are you busy atm ??
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  23. ollieconnolly's Avatar ollieconnolly
    First Team
    These are unreal!!! please do all the liverpool and united ones mate cos these are incredible!
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  24. they are really incredible lol

    the barcelona request ii was thinking i will try keep it simple lol

    home : there new real home kit
    away : there new real away kit
    third : a lilac and gold top same design as there new home kit
    fourth if possible : white top with gold details same design as there real away kit but add your own touch to it to make the design better

    let me know if you need any images for there new kits pal

    can i have the liga bbva logo on the sleeve if thats okay matey

  25. Thanks Ollieconnolly - i will be doing a kit pack on premier league kits, which will include all the liverpool and man uniteds, but waiting until united release their new change kits.

    Brommers - barcelona request coming up soon

  26. If im being picky, and I am being very picky is that some badges are a bit to big on some of the abovre shirts.

    Other than that, there very good mate.

    Keep it up.

  27. Brommers - as promised here are your barca kits:

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-barcelona_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-barcelona_2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-barcelona_3.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-barcelona_4.png
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  28. One word mate, Incredible Nice touch on the fourth kit to mate
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  29. A few more 2011/12 kits:

    Werder Bremen (Home) / Real Madrid (Home) / Betis (Home)

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-werderbremen_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-realmadrid_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-betis_1.png

    Marseille (Home) / Paris SG (Away) / AC Milan (Home)

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-marseille_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-psg_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-acmilan_1.png

  30. Your kits are very, very good mate! Really looking forward to your Prem 11/12 kitpack!
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  31. Team: Crawley Town
    Manufacturer: Nike
    Template: SS
    Sponsor(s): Sony
    Home design: like man utd's home shirt for next season with crawley badge and sony sponsor
    Away design: like man utd's away kit last year with blue and grey on the sleeves with blue on the big section of the sleeve and grey on the small section of the sleeve
    Third design:
    Additional badges:

  32. Team: FC Porto
    Manufacturer: Nike
    Template: SS
    Sponsor(s): MEO on the 1º and TMN on the 2º
    Home design: /
    Away design: /
    Third design: None
    Additional badges: None
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  33. Hey again mate, i was wondering if i could request an atletico madrid kit pack from you
    logo : etihad guest
    home kit: can i have the design the same as the milan home kit you have above but with the top red and white with gold sleeves
    away kit : can i have the same design and colours as my above third barcelona kit but with the colours reveresed
    third kit: can i have the top the same design as the barcelona home kit with the colours black with gold
    fourth kit : can i have the top blue and the details gold please but choose the design yourself add your own twist on it

    if possible, can the stripes on the tops be the ones that chelsea have on there new home kit, and could i also have the liga bbva logo on the sleeve to please

  34. Kipperjoe:

    I wasnt sure which Crawley Town badge was being used as i found two versions... so i made the kits with both on. Hope these are ok.

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-crawley_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-crawley_2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-crawley_1v2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-crawley_2v2.png

  35. Coringa:

    FC Porto Home / Away 2011/12

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-porto_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-porto_2.png

  36. Brommers92:

    I was a little confused with the "chelsea stripes" you mentioned... also i didnt really think that the AC Milan design worked... so i did two versions of the home shirt... let me know what you think:

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_1v2.png
    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_3.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_4.png

  37. thanks a'lot, they're amazing.
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  38. Oh thats my bad lol, you know chelsea home kit were they have the white stripes on the top of there sleeves ? i was just wondering if i could have the stripes on the sleeves designed as those chelsea ones, also could i have my home atletico kit the design of there normal red and white stripy kit with the stripes on the sleeves and details in gold please also, can i have the gold and black top changed to dark purple and lilac please and finally lol, could i have a white top with gold details with your own twist on it thanks for these kits mate they are really good im always excited when i scroll down an see my name lol
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  39. Brommers92

    Right, i hope i have got the right idea this time lol.... Home Kit with chelsea style 3 stripes...

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_1v3.png

    Purple & Lilac 3rd Strip / White with gold 4th strip

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_3v2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-amadrid_4v2.png

  40. There quality mate You don't half work fast lol

    ---------- Post added at 11:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:59 PM ----------

    Just thaught i would place a napoli request mate as i enjoy comming on this thread in the morning seeing new kits lol

    manufacturer: addidas

    home kit: can i have my home kit kit the same as this mate please Google Image Result for

    away kit: can i have the same design as my home kit mate but the colours two shades of dark purple so they have the same effect as the home kit

    third kit: same design again but the top two shades of orange so the kit has the same effect as the home kit

    fourth kit: (if its okay) this design please pal but the colour be white whilst still having the effect that the design has if possible

    logo design: Google Image Result for you can change the colour of the addidas logo to make it look better with each kit too mate

    this is a bit of an awkward request as it may be harder than my other requests but with your ability im sure it will look great lol

  41. Brommers - what sponsor are you wanting on the shirt? is it BetClic?

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_3.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_4.png
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  42. Premier League Kit Pack will be released once the following kits have been confirmed for 2011/12.... Aston Villa h, Blackburn h/a, Bolton a, Man City h, Man Utd a, Newcastle a, Norwich a, QPR h/a, Swansea a, Wigan h/a....

    Hurry up kit manufacturers and clubs.... the season starts again next month lol.

  43. Mate them kits are perfect i really dont know how you are soo good at them lol and i was going to ask for unicef as the sponsor but i kinda forgot sumhow lol can i be cheeky and ask for the same kit but black this time with the details in gold would that be okay mate ? seriously though, nice nice kits
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  44. Its all trial and error mate - keep messing about with them til they look half decent... thats my procedure anyways. Glad that you like them. Feel free to keep requesting

    Black & Gold:

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_5.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_5v2.png
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  45. And just because i am sooooo nice... here are the other kits with Unicef as sponsor

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_1v2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_2v2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_3v2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-napoli_4v2.png

  46. thanks for bien soooo nice mate lol let me try test you out

    team name : Palermo

    manufacturer : nike sponsor: AON

    home: lilac top with orange details (you choose design, stylish but classy)

    away: orange top with lilac details (you choose design, stylish but classy)

    third: white top with light blue details (you choose design, stylish but classy)

    could i possibly have the chelsea stripes on the sleeves on each kit mate if possible?

    fourth: Google Image Result for << that design and colours please pal

    could i have this as the nike logo matey Google Image Result for

    thaught i would try and test you mate
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  47. Brommers brommers brommers.... i hope that i passed the test..... lol

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-palmero_1.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-palmero_2.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-palmero_3.pngHermanchides Kit Request Thread-palmero_5.png

  48. Starting to work on some Championship kits while i wait for the outstanding Prem ones to be released... here is a taster:

    Brighton Away:

    Hermanchides Kit Request Thread-brighton_2.png

    Please feel free to carry on with the requests, and Brommers92, that includes you haha
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  49. Really good re-make of the kit, but I have to say, that shirt is absolutely revolting!
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  50. you passed that test with flying colours mate haha they are reallly great kits

    ---------- Post added at 06:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:23 PM ----------

    keep on requesting ?? my pleasure

    fiorentina kits this time sponsor: Bwin

    home kit: there usual home kit blue colour with gold details

    away kit: white top with orange details

    third kit: orange top with lilac details

    fourth kit: black top with gold details

    can i have the addidas original logo as the logo please matey

    you can choose the designs of the kits as you chose a great ones for the palermo kits good luck lol
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