LUFC Baz Kit Request Thread

  1. LUFC Baz Kit Request Thread

    Request Status: OPEN

    New to the business of kit making been doing it for a couple of weeks and now I am taking requests.

    Just fill out this template with as much detail as you can and if you could add pictures it would make things easier to copy off.

    Brand (Nike etc):
    Sleeve Badges (Premier League etc):
    Home design:
    Away design:
    Third design:

    Additional Comments:

    Not yet learnt how to do configs so if somebody could help would appreciate it.

    Some of my work (Will be Updated):

    LUFC Baz Kit Request Thread-man-u.pngLUFC Baz Kit Request Thread-leeds-home-.pngLUFC Baz Kit Request Thread-celtic-home.png
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  2. Anyone?

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