KeiranB Kit Requests

  1. KeiranB Kit Requests

    Hello I would Like The Have Requasts Just Give Me Info ON What U Want

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Size:  26.5 KBthis is 1 i made

  3. No offence, but this is one of the worst kit request threads i've seen.

    Your OP has no information on it at all. No template, no examples, nothing. I would include a template to help people with their requests.

    Also you really need to practice kits before opening a request thread. For example, the white boxes around the logo and sponsor needs to be removed. I would recommend practising making kits, and post them in The 'Rate My Kit' Thread for people to rate. Once you start getting good ratings, I would then return and start a request thread.

    When I started making kits, I was very bad, but if you keep on practising you will get better

  4. Here is another thread that i would look at too:

  5. I think by the look of it he is using SSD2. Not photoshop.
    Could you make me new parma Kits?
    I have the basic look of them but want them improved.

    Name:  Parma home.jpg
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Size:  14.7 KB Name:  Parma away.jpg
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    Something similar but a bit more flashy?

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